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Would you like to sponsor or advertise on Radio Winchcombe?

We are now on air fulltime 24/7
As you may have heard, we beat off stiff competition from other areas in our region to receive approval by Ofcom for fulltime broadcasting. Winchcombe's community radio station went on the air fulltime from 7.00 a.m. on Friday May 18th 2012. As you’ll see from our programme schedules, initially we’ll be broadcasting new material on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays; on the remaining weekdays there’ll be another chance to hear some of our programmes as well as a wide range of music.

A great new deal for our advertisers
We’ve greatly appreciated the advertising and sponsorship support we’ve had from local businesses and organisations over the last seven years. Now our greatly extended airtime enables us to offer many more advertising slots, round the year, at an extremely reasonable cost!

Package 1
Only £15 a month. For this you will be entitled to:
• At least one 30 second ad spot every day - i.e. at least 30 spots each month, or 365 a year. The ads will be at different times on different days, so that you will be heard by all the segments of our listening audience. A spot in one of the most popular programmes at least once a week will be guaranteed.
• The opportunity to change the content of your ad up to four times a year if you want us to help with voices and recording. Up to twelve times a year if you can provide us with an MP3 finished recording ready for broadcast. This gives you the opportunity to highlight special events, sales etc.
• Your Logo and details on the Radio Winchcombe website (visited regularly for programme information), with a link to your own website if you wish.

Package 2
Only £15 a month.
• To be one of 7 sponsors for one day of each week at different days throughout the year. Your details will be announced as sponsor for the day after each News Headlines on the hour.
• As an alternative you can be named as the sponsor on our two weekly printed programme schedules that will be available to listeners throughout the year.

All of the above packages can be altered by increasing or decreasing the combinations of rates above with adjustments to suit your budget requirements by discussing details and agreed terms with our advertising team.

Information we need from advertisers

1. BASIC INFORMATION. Please let us have the following information at least two weeks ahead of broadcasting any advertisement or daily sponsorship:

a) The name, address and contact telephone number of your organisation.
b) Details please from your website plus a URL for link between websites; or, a copy of your logo/letterhead to include on our website advertising page if you do not have a website of your own.

2. FOR ON-AIR ADVERTISEMENTS. We need to have a full script of your current 30 second advertisement (about 80 words) if you wish our team to voice and record it for you. Or preferably a copy of your own WAV recording on CD or, MP3 recording sent on line two weeks before first broadcast.

3. FOR SPONSORSHIP. If you are sponsoring a day’s broadcast, or a two weekly Programme Schedule Guide - please discuss with us how you would like your sponsorship to be announced.

4. FINANCIAL ARRANGEMENTS. Confirmation about payment and invoice details. Are you paying annually/quarterly or monthly in advance and when do you require a receipted invoice?

Advertising fee payments
As we are staffed by volunteers, it is important for Radio Winchcombe to receive advertising and sponsorship income at regular intervals in advance of our outgoings, in order to meet the ongoing costs for licence and broadcasting rights, programme making, printing and many other expenses. We therefore ask you to set up a Standing Order for your monthly payments, unless you are paying in advance annual or quarterly and please confirm when this is done.

Contact us
Do feel free to contact us to discuss your detailed requirements
- by email to programmes@radiowinchcombe.co.uk
- by ringing Nick Mundy on 07768 777262
(If you would like a member of our advertising team to call on you, please ask Nick to arrange this.)